"We learn from each other by sharing stories."

I’m an author, designer and artist living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. 



My main focus is to provide a platform for awakening, inspiration and self awareness through storytelling. My work is speculative, mostly magic realism, mythic fiction and metaphysical fantasy. I also enjoy urban, quest and science fantasy. Read my work here >>>



I create healing mandalas. If you need one, just ask.



I live in a brand new eco home on a mountainside, in the forest with my husband, Mark Buczynski. We're documenting our journey to prove it's possible to blend the best of modern, natural and traditional living. You can follow our progress here >>>



• Reading

• Drawing

• Music and dancing

• Yoga

• Hula hooping

• Travelling

• Healthy and conscious living

• Camping, hiking and mountain climbing

• Good conversation



I view life as a gift, and I enjoy helping others to discover what makes them feel truly alive. ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’, is my guiding philosophy.


Send me a message to say "Hi". I'm friendly and enjoy chatting with like-minded people :)