Magic Realism Short Novel

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Her mother wants her to be normal, but she’s repressed her strange impulses for too long.  

It’s time to release her true power...


Lucy Logan is a small-town girl with a big imagination. At twelve, she has curious impulses, like making colours shine from her skin, and exploring the worlds she sometimes glimpses out of the corner of her eye. Her dominating mother insists she behave like a normal child, but Lucy’s not good at being fake. 


When Lucy gets an unexpected visitor, the line between real and imaginary becomes blurred. Is it all in her head, like her mother claims, or are her impulses justified?


#MagicRealism #ModernFantasy #MetaphysicalFantasy #VisionaryFiction


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Mythic Fiction Series

Lucy's journey continues in an epic new tale!

With her teen years leaving a trail of misery behind her, Lucy enters the adult world disenchanted but determined to overcome the past. When a mystery presents the opportunity for her to discover her life purpose she must risk everything, including her fragile sanity. 


#MythicFiction #NewAdult #MetaphysicalFantasy #VisionaryFiction


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