The Zinder


If you love books that blend science, spirituality, and the supernatural, then The Zinder Series is for you.

In the early twentieth century it lay buried on a small mountain in Queensland, Australia. To fulfil its purpose it called upon the first samaran to do its life-altering bidding. 


In return for protection and dedication it gifted her unique talents and access to its secrets. Since then five generations of samaran have been its custodians. Each inherits talents superior to the last, advancing their legacy, and growing a deep bond with the living object.


At the start of the twenty-first century with our world on the brink of change, the sixth samaran is born. It is in this defining era that the zinder performs a momentous feat that will go down in history as a critical turning point in the evolution of all living beings.


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The Wounded Talisman


She's repressed her strange impulses for too long. Now the fate of our world lies in her hands.


The Wounded Talisman is unlike anything you’ve read before — surreal and beautiful; heart-warming and mysterious. It features visually-stunning supernatural abilities, out-of-body jaunts, otherworldly beings, and spectral dark forces. If you love contemporary stories that blend reality and fantasy you’ll be won over by the first installment of Taya Wood’s exciting debut science fantasy series.

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